Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Think Before You Post

My most popular bulletin board this year was my "THINK Before You Post iPhone". I got the idea from some of the iPhone bulletin boards I found on Pinterest along with the THINK poster that is popping up everywhere. I thought the iPhone would be a perfect way to display the information to teach my students to be careful what they share digitally. Over sharing becomes a bigger problem once students enter middle school and have more freedom with phones and the internet but still happens too often in elementary school. Teaching our students about this early on can hopefully prevent headaches in the future.
This bulletin board was a bit of a pain. I made it early in the school year and was very happy with it.

In an attempt to save it for next year, I decided to run it through the laminator. It was too big so I trimmed here and there. when it finally fit through, the laminator ate it up. I tried to save it, to no avail, so my iPhone 4 got the slimming iPhone 5 update:

I actually like this one better because of the colors, because "Think before you..." is on one line and because the letters at the bottom are easier to read. I'll be keeping this one for a while... or at least until the iPhone 6 arrives. Click here to download the PDF file to create your own T.H.I.N.K. Poster!

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