Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Advertising!!

Websites I use religiously:

Scholastic Printables - (paid site) Great worksheets (NOT THAT WORD!?!?). Easy to use on the SMART Board. Pull up the PDF and write all over it. I'm horrible at thinking up examples on the spot so this is my go-to site!

SMART Exchange - (free site) The SMART website where you can download (and upload) fabulous notebook files. I have a few in here all listed under CMS Content Creation Seminar (CCS) along with my name.

Discovery Education - (paid site) Anything by Discovery is going to be great! Although you have to pay to use the website, there are some great *free* resources in the middle of this page. Homework help and such. Almost anything Discovery Channel has released is on here (from Planet Earth to Kenny the Shark (my kids favorite indoor recess show). I use this for building backgound since so many of my students have limited experiences.

Discovery Ed School - (free site) Lots more resources from Discovery!

More to come!

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